Populate the attributes table of Shapefile A with the attribute table of Shapefile B

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Hi All,

(The attached is a word document including the explaination below and the the two images it refers to....just to make life easier for ya! :) )

I am currently trying to populate the attribute table of one Shapefile with the attribute table of another. Both are Polygon shapefiles.

For example:
Even though the polygon 66 (in the image attached) is mainly within Polygon B there is also a section of it within Polygon A. At the end of the Spatial Query I will need the attributes of Polygon A and B within the attributes table of the shapefile, which the polgon 66 is part of.

See Image 1 attached�?�
Image 1: The two shapefiles; one with Polygon and letter labels and the other with numeric labels.

This may mean that the polygon 66 would be repeated twice within the attributes table. That attribute table may look something like Image 2 below.

See Image 2 attached�?�
Image 2: The attribute table with the polygon 66 (from shapefile 1) replicated so that the attribute name of (shapefile 2) can be integrated.

The same will have to be completed for polygons 236, 260, 241, 257 and the rest of the smaller area polygons (Image 1).

I am stumped and do not know of a quick and automated way of doing this!
Do you have an idea how to slow my conundrum?!!

Any advice at all would be brilliant!