Calculate Locations: avoid creating identical locations

Discussion created by asevtsuk on Jul 30, 2011
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Hi all,

Using Calculate Locations, how could i avoid generating identical location values for points that all reach the same point on the network as closest? This commonly happens for point instances that are located around a tail-end of a cul-de-sac network segment.

I need them to be located at non-identical places on the network due to the way i use them as inputs in another algorithm that computes an adjacency matrix between all instances on the network. In that algorithm i use barrier costs at all points in an OD Cost Matrix to limit the search to only closest neighbors. However, if several points fall in the exact same location, then the OD Cost Matrix won't find them due to the overly high barrier cost. If I could have the Calculate Locations tool generate slightly different locations for all points, we could avoid this issues.


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