Join Validation Error with Excel spreadsheet - Reserved Names?

Discussion created by topological_dangles on Jul 19, 2011
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Having an issue transferring data to a raster attribute table from a joined Excel spreadsheet. I have a land cover raster of Grenada downloaded from the USFS (here) that I converted to a GRID from a GeoTiff.

The full package of downloaded data includes a text file with land cover class names that correspond to the VALUE field in the raster. The text file was converted to an Excel spreadsheet (both .xls and .xlsx, just to see if either would work) and joined to the LULC raster. A text field named "Class" with a length of 250 was added to the raster attribute table. A right-click on the new "Class" field and selection of Field Calculator reveals that there are no fields listed in the Fields window. Nothing's there. No options whatsoever. Never seen that before.

The join validation tosses out a reserved name error (screenshot attached). From what I can tell from the error message, the problem is with the use of the terms "RowID", "VALUE" and "COUNT". I've never run into this problem before and have joined and transferred data to raster attribute tables using VALUE many times before with no issues.

Is this a quirk of ArcMap 10 or am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.