Classified Colour Ramp Edit Properties Bug in 10

Discussion created by withershin on Jun 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2011 by erice-esristaff
I have a bug happening to me in Arc10 and I was hoping someone else could see if it is happening to them too before I submit a tech support ticket b/c everything has to be recreateable on someone elseâ??s machine to be a real bug (kindly disregard it working perfectly in every other version).

1. Pick any colour ramp
2. Edit the properties of the colour (white to mars red)
3. Click okay â?? looks good â?? close the layer properties
4. Reopen the layer properties and now the colo(u)r ramp bar is on LSD
5. ArcMap has added 7 more ramps and the original white to red is gone
See Attached. I can reproduce this on my machine with any colour ramp.

I often match colour ramps with complimentary colours to my layout or to other features and now I have to manually reset the ramp each time I want to change just one of the two colours. Very annoying if I am using a custom RGB/HSV value for a colour.

Hereâ??s a few Americanized Colours for search engine purposes :)
Color color COLOR