Interpreting Crosscovariance Cloud Result

Discussion created by wforney42 on Jun 21, 2011
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Hello User Community,

I am having difficulty interpreting the meaning of this result--please see attached.

Let me pose what I think I can infer from it, and ask that others correct me where I am wrong:  controlling for unidirectionality and anisotropy, the values two datasets tend to covary (i.e. the positive and negative values of the sill on the Y-axis) to a lag distance between points (i.e. the range) of just under 180 meters.  In other words, up to a range of 180 meters in the search direction of 294 degrees, the results indicate that the value of one dataset correlates well with the other dataset's value.

Thanks in advance for correcting any misunderstanding that I may have.  Also, if there are any other inferences that I can make from this result, I would love to hear about them!