Computing an average along transects of a raster?

Discussion created by kpurdon on Jun 17, 2011
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Hello all,

I need to compute a "Width Average" along transects of a raster that are perpendicular to the line of flow.

I've attached an image to explain a simple example of what I need to do. Below is an explanation of the image and what I need:

Black box: Outline of a raster of floating values.
Red Line: Arrow pointing in the flow direction.
Blue Lines: Transects at equal intervals along the flow line covering the width of the raster.

I need to calculate the average of the values along each transect.

My Idea:

  • Create the transects as polylines and then covert them to a series of points.

  • This would be done by rotating and shifting

  • Extract the values of the raster to points and then compute a simple average.

Is there an easier way???