Recover a FC in a FGDB from constituent files?

Discussion created by csny490 on Jun 2, 2011
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So I have been editing this FC in a FGDB for the last few days that was stored in my local C:\Temp directory. Yesterday, a system administrator "DAMF" (don't ask what that stands for!), logged into my machine, "pushed some updates" and one a whim while he had acess to my hard drive contents, decided to delete all the contents of my C:\Temp directory ("because user files don't belong in that directory" he tells me �?? HEY WAIT DAMF - I CREATED THAT DIRECTORY MYSELF - MAYBE YOU SHOULDN�??T &^%$ING BE DELETEING FILES OFF MY HARD DRIVE!!! :mad::mad::mad:

Besides the obvious frustration I have with this person, I need to move on and at least attempt to recover any data I can. One glimmer of hope: I had an open edit session on my FC at the time DAMF deleted the files, SO while the FGDB appears as a regular folder to ArcCatalog, there are still many of the constituent files left intact (I assume because ArcMap had an edit lock on them at the time). The attached screenshot is a listing of those remnant files.

My question: Is there any way to recover the FC I was editing? Is there an "intelligent design" to the naming scheme for the files in a FGDB? For example, what are the constituent files that make up a (simple point) FC? Shapefiles were pretty easy to rehab (as I recall there was even a utility for that purpose)...