When an MXD file moved another folder the related files in geodatabase not displayed

Discussion created by IYTE-ARCHITECTURE on May 30, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2011 by ksjosh82

Beforehand posting this question I searched the forum for a solution but ended up with no luck.
Before adding any layer  I checked the box `Store relative pathnames to data to data
sources`. Afterwards, I created a personal geodatabase and imported all necessary files. When I'm
done with the project , I save it as mxd file. Today, my colleague wanted to check
the project and I emailed both mxd and the geodatabase I created . Unfortunately, the result
was unsuccessful. When he opened the mxd file,  all layers listed with little famous red exclamation
mark which indicates the data source is missing or wrong. Obviously mxd couldn't locate the
files in personal geodatabase. First, I thought  there is something wrong with my project files.
I created a new project the followed the same steps but the result remains the same.
By the way, I'm using ArcInfo 10.  I know this issue is not new but seems to be unsolved.

I would appreciate if you could kindly suggest a solution. Thank you.

Omur Saygin, Phd.