Communication Link Failure

Discussion created by bhall1821 on May 13, 2011
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We operate a county wide SDE ArcGIS shop with three muncipalities sharing our SDE resources for parcels, streets addresses, etc. The muncipalities are served via fiber optic lines that run to their ArcGIS servers and databases.

We recently upgraded our ArcGIS Server and users to ArcGIS 10 and service pack 1. Things have been running smoothly but I am starting to receive information from users that one or more drawing layers are failing to draw on a regular basis. During our upgrade to ArcGIS 10 server we took the time to clean up similar isssues we had in the past on ArcGIS 9.3.1 with SDE data layers failing to draw. We believe our server had a bad NIC and drivers. It was also cluttered so, we formated and reloaded it. We replaced switches and conducted extensive hardware testing to ensure we hadn�??t missed anything that might cause users to lose data.

So, I am at a loss as to why I have ArcGIS 10 users reporting communication link failures from offsite facilities. Is it a version issue with the user or some other hardware failure? We did have the user reporting the issue, upgrade to service pack 2 for ArcGIS 10 to see if that would resolve it. The user reports the problem happens during and outside of edit sessions. I have checked the data layers to see if zero geometries are present or other anomilaies that may cause the issue. The data looks good and I am at a loss on where the comminucation link is failing on the server side.

I have attached the screen shots he sent me. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated!