Focal Statistics sum

Discussion created by ncurri on May 11, 2011
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Just running a simple focal statistics analysis on a grid surface of vegetation density, summing up values for each cell within 2 nearest neighbors (rectangle) in the width and height. The tool runs fine, but the sums in the output raster for each cell don't jive with what's in the input raster. For example, one cell in the input raster has a value of 3,239. The value of that cell in the output raster should be the sum of the cells in the surrounding 2-cell rectangular neighborhood, but it is far less (12,038) than what it should be. In fact, the sum of the values in just 1 nearest neighbor, which I calculated manually, would be much more (39,002). I've run the tool several times (screenshot attached). Is there just something I don't understand about the way this tool works, or did I set something up wrong?