Choose between Parameters in WebApplication?

Discussion created by s.arndtesri-de-esridist Employee on May 4, 2011
Hello everybody,

i want to set up a web application, which creates schematic diagrams using a geoprocessing service.
The Model / Tool is already finished and works fine for ArcGIS Desktop. After that I installed ArcGIS Server 10 (.NET-Framework) and published the Model as a Geoprocessing Service. Finally i created a Standard ArcGIS Server Web Application, which uses the GP-Service.

Regarding the Model:
When i choose a static Shapefile in the Model for the Input, in the ArcGIS Web Application I get a "Submit"-Button and when i click it, he creates the Diagram.
But i don`t want to put a static Shapefile there. I would prefer that the user can choose between several Shapefiles. So i changed the Shapefile (the Input-File) to an Input Parameter.

When i run the Tool in ArcGIS Desktop, the User can choose an own shapefile now.
So i uploaded this new GP-Tool to the server, but when i want to start it, the attached error (8.PNG) occurs.
I would like that the user either can upload an own shapefile or choose one shapefile out of a list - is this possible?

This whole task uses the Web Application of ArcGIS Server 10 ServicePack 2. But later i want to create an own Web Application with JavaScript, which uses the same GP-Service.

Best regards,