ArcGIS Registry keys gone missing

Discussion created by aaddison on May 3, 2011
So.... I installed ArcGIS Desktop 10 SP1, Installed ArcGIS Server (.Net) 10 SP1.  I created services and cached services.  I created a javascript app that ran flawlessly.  This lasted for over a week.

Tonight the server was rebooted as per normal maintenance schedule and....POOF! it is all gone.

The ArcGIS Administrator is now blank (see attached image), the registry keys are all gone, and the web services will not work.  Now mind you ArcGIS is still installed, it just will not acquire a license since it has nothing in the registry.  I suspect that even if I entered the keys for licensing manually, Desktop would not run correctly since their are countless other keys missing.

The possibility of running a repair is off the table because the items do not even show up in "Add/Remove Programs" any more.

I am speechless.  A weeks worth of work down the drain just hours after we distributed links to a critical tornado response application. 

Has anyone had a similar experience?  Any ideas on how to remedy this situation without the almighty reinstall? 

Thanks in advance,