GWR and Air Quality Data

Discussion created by muhammad.bilal on Apr 18, 2011
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I am new user to this forum and also to GWR. I watched the training video and read the some tutorials on GWR. I want to apply GWR to the air quality data (fine particles (PM2.5)) to check their spatial distribution and also want to predict these particles with help of meteorological parameters (temperature, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction, etc.). Seasonal Data of PM2.5 data from the five station is available in the study area (1000 Sq. Km). Please see attached map of the study area with PM2.5 stations.[ATTACH]6027[/ATTACH]

when I applied GWR using one station data then it was also applied on the other station. Please download the GWR result file from the given link.

I did not use latitude and longitude of the station because I donot know how to use it in the GWR. I again applied GWR on another station but result is same as the previous one.

Does anyone help/guide me to apply GWR on PM2.5 along with meteorological parameters?
I shall be very thankful for kind response.