Geocoding with Parcels Help

Discussion created by bjice22 on Apr 14, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2013 by bniemand-esristaff
My goal is to geocode a list of addresses so that the corresponding parcel is highlighted/marked but I am doing something wrong.

I go to Create Address Locator
          -Address Locator Style: US Address - Single House
          -Reference Data: Parcel Data (See link below) and set Role to Primary Table
          -Feature ID: I left as OBJECTID
          -House Number: Left as HOUSE
          -Street Name: STNAM
          -Suffix Type: STDES
          -Suffix Direction: STDIR
          -Rest left as <none>
I right click the Addresses file and choose Geocode Addresses
          -I leave Address Input Fields as Address/City/State/None and click ok

None of the addresses match so I click Rematch and find that no address has any candidate. However, if i type in an address I know is valid using the Geocoding Toolbar (1621 N 06th St) it WILL locate it on the map. I'm completely new to GIS so it's likely that I'm missing something. I attached the address information and provided the link to the parcel data if that helps.

Parcel Data:   (I used the FTP download and imported that into ArcMap10)