Mosaic to a new Raster Does NOT work properly in 10.0

Discussion created by hallm-c on Apr 7, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by hallm-c
I have a large amount of 5M Elevation data that I am trying to mosaic together using the "Mosaic to new Raster" tool.  Each Tile is around 35MB in size and I am trying to Mosaic 30 tiles together at one time.  When I do this the mosaiced raster is produced except it has a ton of white no data lines in it which you can see in my attached screenshot.  The data is there in the original source files and this does not happen in 9.3 so what is happening to the data? 
Also, if I try and mosaic only two tiles together and then mosaic the rest of them together into the existing mosaic using the "Mosaic" tool it just bombs and shuts down ArcMap.  With Version 10 I am running Windows 7 on one machine and XP on the other with both of them having the same exact problems.  So far I have not been a happy camper with the raster processing in Version 10, way too many bugs.  Anyone know of a fix or workaround?