Service Area - Show All Possible Routes??

Discussion created by lmikulak on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by lmikulak
I am trying to show all possible 1000-foot pedestrian routes to a single point in a building, so I am using the Service Area function to show the 1000-feet network-based area serviced by the business.

In the service area Layer Properties window, under the Network Locations tab, my choices are to snap to the network dataset at the ???first??? or ???closest??? point.  This works for properties with a single access point (eg a business with one driveway that connects to a network).  For corner lots, however where the business is not equidistant from two points on the network, how can I choose ???all??? or at least show all 1000-foot routes in all directions? 

I have attached an image to illustrate my quandary.  Thank you!!