JavaScript API - Legend Digit symbology "times out" in IE

Discussion created by bfaber on Mar 22, 2011
I'm having an issue with the Legend Digit in Internet Explorer.  I've tested it in both IE7 and IE8.  Everything works fine (legend synchronizes with visibility changes on layers) at first.  After approximately 15 minutes however, the color swatch on legend items starts displaying with a small red "x" rather the the actual color swatch (see attached screen capture). This is a repeatable error, and has been observed on many of our clients' computers as well.  Red x's only appear on layers that have not been set to visible before the 15 min threshold.

This doesn't happen in Firefox.

I am using specific layer infos in my legend constructor statement (both layerinfos are Dynamic Map Service Layers). I use a legend.refresh() when user changes visibility of layers.

I've tried everything I can think of, including refreshing the legend every 3 minutes.  Nothing seems to beat the problem.

Can anyone offer an explanation or fix?  Is there some kind of timeout setting in IE?  It seems very strange that everything works for 15 minutes and then starts failing.