Unable to Create Representation.  Underlying DBMS error [ORA-00001: inique contraitn

Discussion created by jsn on Mar 22, 2011
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Hello veryone,

Software and Version:

    ArcGIS 9.3.1
    ArcSDE 9.3
    Oracle 10 G

We removed from one SDE instance all the feature classes, feature datasets and tables, then we removed all the domains. A few did not remove swith ArcCatalog so we deleted the records manually in Oracle in the domains table.

When copying feature classes or feature datasets from one instance to the empty one, some layers have their representation suffixed with �??_1�?�. For example a feature class FireLine with representation FireLine_Rep when copied to the empty SDE instance the representation gets renamed FireLine_Rep_1.

If we try to rename the representation in ArcCatalog to �??FireLine_Rep�?� it shows the following error:

Error Message: Unable to Create Representation.  Underlying DBMS error [ORA-00001: unique contraint (SDE.GDB_XSD_UC) violated] )SDE.GDB_ExtensionDatasets)