Arc 10 - geoprocessing results - "Succeeded" but still processing @ 80% 13 hrs later

Discussion created by andyroo on Mar 15, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2011 by kimo
I decided to see about these newfangled raster mosaic datasets, so I took 133 DEMs from 24 bathymetry surveys (bags that were converted to tifs and corrected from MLLW to NAVD88), and followed the instructions in help to create and add them to a mosaic dataset.

The process supposedly  completed (according to geoprocessing results) but the geoprocessing status bar is stuck at 80% (or something like that - it's hard to read since the progress text doesn't actually scroll all the way through, but resets to x0% and immediately scrolls out of the window)

I've included the whole geoprocessing results log as a PDF attachment since the txt file limit is 12KB. Any thoughts?