Creating Symbol(circle 2) dynamically using C#

Discussion created by vijaygone on Mar 10, 2011
I am developing arcGIS desktop application using I am trying to creating a circle 2 (Symbol property) dynamically using

I tried with character marker symbol. I am able to create circle, but i am unable to add outline/border to the circle.

ICharacterMarkerSymbol cmSym = new CharacterMarkerSymbolClass();
cmSym.CharacterIndex = 40; // I want to add characterindex 33 to the same symbol
IRgbColor color = new RgbColorClass();
color.RGB = 0;
cmSym.Color = color;
cmSym.Size = 13;
classBreaks.set_Symbol(6, (ISymbol)cmSym);

Here I want to take one more symbol with character index 33 and need to merge them. How can we do this?, can you please give solution..(for more details see attached image)