Page and Print Setup - problem with disabled settings

Discussion created by deanszumylo on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by deanszumylo
I'm stuck on a problem we're experiencing with disabled settings in the Page and Print Setup dialog box.

When some of our printers are selected in the Printer Setup box, many settings are suddenly disabled.  This includes the printer "Properties..." button, but more importantly it also includes the "OK" button.  So, you can adjust settings, but you cannot save your changes and continue working with the new page layout.

(See screen shot attached.)

Many of the settings DO work.  I can check/uncheck "Use Printer Paper Settings", "Show Printer Margins on Layout", "Scale Map Elements proportionally to changes in Page Size", and so on.  But we can't save any of these changes.

This is a real problem because it is prevent us form doing even basic adjustments to the page layout, like orienting the page to landscape instead of portrait.

I understand that this might happen if we were changing the page size to dimensions that are too large for the selected printer, but this is happening to Letter-size maps.  Furthermore, we have been able to change these settings in the past, with the same printers selected that are now giving us the problem.

Any ideas about what could be going on?  I can't seem to find anything that tells me if this is a problem with ArcGIS or with the printers themselves.

We're running ArcGIS Desktop 10 with SP1 installed.