Feature symbol disappears when zoom in?

Discussion created by present on Feb 25, 2011

I built a simple web page using JavaScript API 2.1 to display addresses in a map and in a datagrid. When the icon image of a datagrid row is clicked, the map will zoom to that address and display infowindow.

The web page works fine in Firefox, but not in IE 7: when an address is selected in the datagrid and the map is zoomed in for the first time, the point symbol (Diamond) is displayed correctly; but when another address in the datagrid is selected, the map zooms in but the point feature's symbol disappears!

I have a "Zoom out" button on the top of the page. When the second address is selected and no symbol for that point is displayed, if I "Zoom out", all symbols for those addresses are gone. Only a lonely infowindow is displayed.

The attached file includes all the code. Thanks a lot in advance!