Is it possible to create a step by step model?

Discussion created by nearzy101 on Feb 16, 2011
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Hey all,

I am trying to create a single function model which incorporates everything I have done to create a criteria modelled layer at the end as my boss is seeking such a model. The steps I have gone through to get each feature to help create the final model is as follows:-

1 - Reprojected the feature(s) obtained from the database to the correct coordinate system (Reproject tool).
2 - Converted the feature into a raster grid (Feature to Raster tool).
3 - Reclassified the data into the required values (Reclassify tool).
4 - Used simple addition to give the final layer the sum of each rasterized feature overlaid (Raster calulator - [layer1] + [layer2] + ...)

I can get the model to run properly when I specify the input feature and run each individual function step by step in the edit window. When I leave the input feature as a user input and run it that way, the whole model falls over as step 2 needs the reprojected intermediate to get the attributes from, so does step 3 from the step 2 output and so on.

Is there a way to make each window come up as inputs need to be entered (similar to a software install) or will it need to be run in the edit window anytime something new has to be entered? Also, which Arc Toolbox tool allows access me to add multiple rasters at once?

I am using ArcView 9.3 with access to a spatial analyst licence.

I have attached a screenshot of the template model below for visual clarification as to what I am talking about. Any suggestions people can offer would be greatly appreciated :)