ArcGIS 9.3 & 10 export to illustrator - compound shape problems

Discussion created by andyroo on Feb 15, 2011
Latest reply on May 24, 2011 by MLF
I have a bunch of polygons in a geodatabase that are not overlapping (geology polygons). I have attached an image where the left side is Adobe Illustrator (CS4 or 5 - they both do the same thing) and the right side is ArcGIS (9.3 or 10 - also both do the same thing).

I am running into a problem on export where a large polygon with many voids (gray in right side of attached image) loses the ability to properly mask to display other polygons/voids that it surrounds (gray and brown).

I think this has to do with the number of internal polygons in the large polygon/compound shape, because it doesn't always happen based on the extent I export. Also it doesn't  happen if I export to PDF and open in illustrator (but then there are no layers).

Anyone have any ideas?