path distance

Discussion created by simam on Feb 10, 2011
Hi William
I have a question regarding the horizontal factors in path distance tool.
I have set the Horizontal parameters like this:
1)Input horizontal raster: 'aspect' layer created from DEM of the study area.
2)Horizontal factor:I have defined a table like what I have attached to this message

by this table, I wanted the tool to apply weights of 1 to five when the horizontal relative moving angel is either 0-5 or 175-180( since in this way I can be sure that the vehicle won't have too much tilting on the path). for all other HRMA ,I have considered the Horizontal factor=100 to make them costly as much as possible.

I just wanted to check the table with you to see if it will have the outcomes that I have wished for it???
Thank you for your help.