Model Builder and File Names ?

Discussion created by JoelK on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by mdenil

I have a model that use to work but recently crashed during "Extract by Attributes" function.  It produced the following errors:

Error 010302 (Unable to create output raster) and Error 010067 (Error in executing grid)

I checked the ArcMap Help and it states that I either don't have write permissions to the folder I am storing the rasters in or I lack sufficient memory.  I double checked and I have tons of memory and I have write permissions.

I checked the parameters of the model and everything is fine. When I run the same process outside of model builder it works.

When I change the output file name of the raster the function works within Model Builder. However, if I delete the original raster output and try to use the original name again the function crashes.  It seems to be hung up on the file name that was used for the output at the time of the crash. If I try to use it again the function will not work ?

I have attached several screen shots to illustrate my problem.