Problem with representations and legend symbols

Discussion created by rkelso on Jan 25, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2011 by deepblue6
I am running ArcGIS 9.3.1 SP 2 (ArcInfo) on Windows XP.  This is my first time using representations in a map and I've added a legend that has both shapefile symbols and representation markers.  The shapefile symbols appear correct as usual, centered vertically with each other and horizontally with their label text, but the representation markers are not lined up at all.

I attached an example of what's going on.  The top and bottom symbols are the correct shapefile ones and those in between are from representations.  Does anybody know if this is a bug or how to fix this?

I know I could convert to graphics and get everything lined up from there but that's not an acceptable solution because I want to retain the dynamic nature of the legend.