Feature to raster problems

Discussion created by bowmanlucas on Jan 16, 2011
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Im not sure if this is the right spot for this question, but after dealing with all the seemingly senseless changes in Arc10 (like when the desktop help explains functions but does not show you where they are located in the program), any other person's input is great!!!

My intentions: I have an excel spreadsheet from a buddy with West African instrument descriptions. I went through a made a new sheet on that file, then copy and pasted his information in a way for Arc10 to understand--or so I thought (remove spaces, 0 or 1 attribute columns). I have a 2004 shapefile for Africa to join this data too. I found the only real unique identifier of each country (I am first trying for simple this country has instruments with this attribute" rasters to then put through raster calculator (I expect to be back here for that too) and see where instrument descriptions blend or not) is its ISO_NUM.

1.) Is this a strong enough field to join upon?

Every time, and every format, I try to save this sheet under in excel, it gives me the message that data may be lost or whatever. When I did this process on Arc9.3, I got this message, but it still worked. I will try to attach my excel file so people can see my folly or frustration.

2.) Are there file types better understood by Arc10 than others (dbf, cvs, xls, etc...)?

If anyone looks at the attachment, the sheet I made is sheet 3.

I am literally holding myself from smashing my face through my computer screen (although somehow its always operator error!!!).



Please let me know if attachment is, well... not there. Thanks!