Spatial Weight Matrix, why same weights?

Discussion created by musian1 on Jan 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2011 by lscott-esristaff
I created a spatial weight matrix table using the "Inverse distance" in Conceptualization of Spatial Relationships. I set the "Nearest Neighbors" as 8. It's weird that in each neighboring region, the weights for every pair of features are exactly same! For example:

Feature from i to j and weight:
                  20   22         0.0769
                  20   21         0.0769
                  20   9          0.0769
                  ....   ...          ....
                  20   29         0.0769

the weight sum is 1. But I thought under the "Inverse distance" option,  weights should reflect the distances between features. Apparently, the distance of feature 20 to 22 is different with feature 20 to feature 21, but why same weights were given...???

Thanks so much!!