Geodatabase Problem

Discussion created by jc76 on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2010 by jc76
I created a GIS map for one of my members and copied everything to their computer  but when I tried to open the new map in ArcMAP I kept getting an error saying ArcMap encountered a problem and needed to close (see attached.... they sent me the error for ArcReader but it occurred when they used ArcMap too)

I have this info on my PC and it work fine. I even copied everything to my laptop and it works fine as well.

I did narrow the problem down to the personnel geodatabase. I took the database  out and the map had no problems starting and running.
I tried sending them another database  to see if perhaps the one I installed was corrupt but  the same error came up.
Any idea of what may be causing this?

Do you need to have Microsoft Access if you're using a personnel geodatabase? They do not have Access.