Bug: InfoWindow Draws Incorrectly When in Center of Screen

Discussion created by jamesrichards on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by jamesrichards
Steps to reproduce:

1. In the Concepts section of the resources center, follow instructions in the topic: "Using the InfoWindow to create map tips", stopping just before the "Adding a details page" section.

2. In the MyMap_MapGesture handler, change GestureType.Hold to GestureType.Tap

3. Run the sample, tap on a state. The map centers and the InfoWindow draws as expected.

4. Tap away from a state to hide the InfoWindow.

5. Tap on the same state again. Now the InfoWindow appears but it draws as a rectangular block rather than drawing the Callout shape.

6. Pan the map and then tap on the same state again. Now when the map re-centers it draws correctly again.

So the issue is that if the graphic is already in the center of the screen, the InfoWindow doesn't draw correctly.