Select by location (Point feature set) bug

Discussion created by esrijay on Nov 17, 2010
I'm using 9.3.1 SP1 build 3500 and I'm experiencing a strange bug.  I've created these models that do various task...they all start out the same way. A user creates a point(s), Line(s), or Poly(s) to select parcels (intersect).

the point is giving the bug.  It will work if the user drop more than one point but if only one point is created it doesn't select the parcel.  When I go to the selected tab it show the parcel layer in bold and (0) after it like it did the selection but did not.  After experiencing this I created a simple model that just that does nothing other than the spatial selection with the point creation and the same bug always happens. 

Oh ya if I click the clear select button on the standard tool bar and then run the model with one point it works but i'm trying to serve the model so...?

I've attached the model. 

Please advise if this is a bug.