Tracking Server 10 with MOLE 10 (including SP1)  Not Working

Discussion created by jsibbaldesriuk-esridist Employee on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2010 by mpilouk-esristaff
I have installed Tracking Server 10 on an ArcGIS Server which already had MOLE 10 SP1 installed.  I added the Oct 2010 Flex Viewer and used a MOLE track layer which has Symbol_ID and the viewer would not show the MOLE symbols.  I then uninstalled the MOLE, rebooted and re-installed MOLE and MOLE SP1 but it still did not work.

Any ideas?  All the help file says is install MOLE and have a layer with MOLE support, which I do.

I like Tracking Server and the new Viewer but MOLE working would be the cream!


Jim Sibbald