New raster pixel value to reflect number of smaller pixels contained (example shown)

Discussion created by atweel1 on Nov 12, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2010 by SaultDon
Hi all,

Sorry the title is confusing, but its the best one I could think of. I have a raster with 10m x 10m pixels depicting a land/water interface. There are only pixels for land, water is no data.  I want to make a new raster with 100m x 100m or 1 km...etc pixels that will represent these data.  The new raster pixel value should be the number (or area) of the smaller raster pixels that it contains. 

The image I included shows the smaller pixels (blue=land) and the box shows an example new pixel.  The new pixel value would be representative of how much blue it contains (not as % of total new pixel area, but as an area covered by blue).

I also have this as polygon data if it easier that way.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.