Python Help

Discussion created by DaveQ on Nov 4, 2010
Hello all,

I am having a few issues with a script I pieced together and could some assistance in figuring this out. My lack of Python programming is very limited. The purpose of this script is simply to batch a Spatial Analyst Minus process on a set of grids (in SDE). The grid inputs are passed to the Minus process from a table, with the output beginning defined in the table also. I am also attempting to define the raster storage environments for the output. Generally, this script performs as required except for 2 problems.

1) I'm running this on very large grid files and I'm running into the memory limitations of the software. It seems to die at about 3gb. So how do I avoid running into this memory limitation as it loops through the routine?

2) Even though I have defined the raster storage environments (compression and pyramids) the output doesn't honor these values. Did I write this wrong or is there a bug with this in the software (I also noticed this happens with pyramids on hillshades)?

I would appreciate any assistance / advice on this.