Issues with displaying CAD data (e.g. vegetation) in ArcGIS 9.3

Discussion created by mgmark on Oct 27, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2010 by mgmark
Hey guys,  I have some AutoCAD drawings that are not displaying properly in ArcGIS 9.3 (ArcView license).  This is especially apparent with vegetation, in which the trees are displayed as 'backward '3s'.  I am able to get the features to draw properly in AutoCAD 2008 through copying two .shx files, 'Tmodelf' and 'Symbol', into the 'Program_Files' folder located in the base of the network drive (e.g. F:\Program_Files\Tmodelf.shx), however I have not been able to solve this for displaying the features properly in ArcGIS. 

Has anyone had the same issue and is there a way to incorporate these .SHX files into ArcGIS or is there a previous thread discussing such an issue?  Any help is greatly appreciated

For reference, I have attached a Microsoft Word Document containing the screen shots of the same area in ArcGIS and AutoCAD to illustrate my issue.

Michael Mark
GIS Specialist
Parsippany, NJ