Sizing Issue with Dojo ExpandoPane and Map in the same BorderContainer

Discussion created by seankmcg on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2010 by manamlogica
I have been running into an issue when using an ExpandoPane and a map in the same BorderContainer. I am building the page so I can pass query results to a Grid in an ExpandoPane. The Map is referenced as being in the 'Center' region and the Expando is in the 'Bottom' region with startExpanded="false". I have set the height for the expando via CSS, but what is happening is the map is being sized as if the expando was expanded (the attached image shows an example). When the expando is expanded and closed, the map resize fires and all is as expected.

Does anyone have any insight on an event I get use to resize the map/div onLoad to get the desired map image? Thanks in advance.
Sean McGinnis
IT Specialist
New Jersey Office of GIS