ARC SDE on Win Server 2008 (64 bit)

Discussion created by sreeharikm on Oct 14, 2010

We need  to open a Raster Catalog from ARC SDE (installed on win server ent edition 2008 (64 bit) ) and we have tried to get the same raster from a system( win server 2008 std Edition (64 bit) ) by using the following code, end up with the RPC Error. We are using VS 2008. Infact we are able to connect and able to open the same raster catalog from arc catalog.

rasWks = CType(sdeConnection(serverContext, database), IRasterWorkspaceEx)
Dim rasCatalog As IRasterCatalog

'Open raster catalogue is giving RPC Error.
rasCatalog = rasWks.OpenRasterCatalog(DBInteraction.GetStringFomXML("rasterCatalog"))

error details: COMExecption occured
Remote proceure call faild (Exception fro0m HRESULT 0x800706BE