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Discussion created by dreamfool on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2010 by Hornbydd
Hi all,

I just upgraded to 10 this week and found out about all these new stuff in this new version and the discussion about migrating to .NET etc.  That's beyond me at this point, but here is the issue I have.  I have designed a VBA button tool for a client, which when the user clicks it, a form pops out.  I just tried it today, and it gave me an error for the commend frmQry.Show.  I used another tool, this time it gives me an error on the line Set pMxDoc = Application.Document.  What is happening?  The codes were all working fine in 9.3.  Is it because of version 10?  I thought the codes would still work the same way as they did before, even though ESRI will not offer support?  I'm meeting the client and I don't want to tell him that the tools I designed for him are no longer functioning because of the upgrade.