Batch processing difficulties

Discussion created by ibhogle on Sep 14, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by curtvprice
I have put together a model to select and append data from shapefiles within folders into a master geodatabase. I have 800+ folders, all of which contain these same shapefiles (unless there are errors). When I try to batch the model, it appends the first folder's file x number of times (where x is the number of folders I try to batch), with blank data in the middle and full attributes for the first & last iteration.

I am pretty sure I need to use lists and %n% or %i% in some of the output parameters to work in batch mode, but I can't figure out where these need to go. I am attaching the model & supporting files. If you unzip the Append.zip and put the files into a folder mapped as a letter drive on your computer, the tool (Append Changecode Geodatabase) in the Append toolbox should be able to run. Just drag in one of the folders from the Append folder to the tool's Folder parameter and press OK and the geodatabase should populate just fine. Try to batch and it will not run. Help?