Strange Raster Pattern

Discussion created by wikgrebc on Sep 9, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2010 by EKrause-esristaff

I have been using Ordinary Kriging in Geostatistical Analyst to derive species distributions based on sightings per unit effort of 5 minute squares summarized to points.  I have 12 different species I'm doing this for and I have been getting strange outputs after I export to raster.  I have attached a word document that has examples of what I'm talking about.  About half of them look great, very smooth and visually appealing (A), but the other half have this weird star like pattern (B).  I use the same methods and parameters (and have tried many others to see if I get different results) but I keep getting the same output.  There is not a great deal of variation between the input data of those that look good and those that don't look good and can not figure out why the outputs looks so different.  Has anyone had similar issues, know what may be causing this, or know of anyway to correct this problem?