edit sample not working,

Discussion created by rumpell007 on Sep 7, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by skunjadia
Hi There

I am having a problem with the esri editing samples, the features are not being created or edited.
I have copied one of the editing sample and replaced the services with the ones running from our server. I have also copied the proxy.jsp file and made changes as discribed in the esri samples.

The server is arcgis 10 on java platform. I am using feature service, with data from enterprise SDE 9.31 . The data is versioned and the service is non pooled (have tried pooled as well)

The proxy file seems to be read, as this is the message in firebug "  POST http://......../proxy.jsp?http://........arcgis/rest/services/LMS/EditLayersPark/FeatureServer/1/applyEdits[/url]   200 ok 17ms "

The editing toolbar seems to work as it lets me draw feature but the soon I finish drawing ( on doubleclick) the feature is not getting saved.

Any Ideas, why it doesn't work?