Calculate fields using logic with VBScript on Joined Feature Classes in Model Builder

Discussion created by bcales on Aug 23, 2010
I found a help page from ESRI (shown below), however Model Builder keeps coming back with a generic error.

Basically what I am trying to do is link my Parcel Feature Class with a secondary SQL Database Table (which works fine), then update a few fields if they are NULL or different then the new source.  Essentially a Parcel Data Update from our County.

I can easily do this via SQL, but with versions involved I don't think it will work out properly.

PopulationDensity = density

Expression Type:

Code Block:
Dim density
If [POP90_SQMI] < 100 Then
density = "low"

elseif [POP90_SQMI] < 300 Then
density = "medium"

density = "high"
end if