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Question asked by meteosig on Aug 19, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by lscott-esristaff
Dear Comunity,

I'm trying to model some climate phenomena such as convection using several variables: evaporation, temperature, moisture, rainfalls, etc. My goal is get a more specific model than traditional climate projections searching the relationships between variables.

Fisrt I've done OLS analysis for see what variables have the best coefficient and what is the best global correlation to fit the phenomena that I want to predict. Then I move to GWR to see geographical variation of this data, but I have some problems with this analysis.

Now I'll explain the steps that I follow:

1. Input my data by txt files (view capture 1), and then I create a raster map using "Conversion Tools/to raster/ASCII to Raster" (capture 2). After I create a Grid of points using"Conversion Tools/From raster/Raster to point" (capture 3) and finally join my variables in an unique grid using an "Spatial Join" (capture 4).
2. Run the GWR analysis and happen this: some analysis go well (capture 5), but others appear "gaps" in my attributes table as "null values" and consequently in my map too(capture 6). I've deduced that this only happen with moisture (it is in %, only two digits)(capture1) because the gaps appear when I use this variable, but I don't understand why.

Somebody could help me?
I'will be so grateful


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