Topology creation?

Discussion created by wildernessness on Aug 16, 2010
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Hello, Forumers!

I have two feature classes (FGDB).  One "Boundary" - the boundary polygon of Oregon (jagged coast area specifically).  The other "BreedBlocks" - a derived polygon with boundaries of the coast inland with ecologically significate boundries delineating 5 different zones.  The problem: whomever made "BreedBlocks" did a good job but did not use the state boundary layer we currently use so there are some infidelities with Boundary (some places need to come inland some out to the Pacific further).  Modifying the feature will take a long time (thousands of vertices to delete) as my BreedBlocks extend nearly 400km.  How can I keep my derived, inland bounds but get a more accurate coastal bound (exact?)?  I thought I might have to create some topology for this, but I am not sure what I am doing with that whole process and wasn't sure if that is the answer anyway.

Attached is a partial screenshot of the BreedBlocks -- note that at this scale the infidelities are not visible.
Thanks for your help.