Select by Attribute Model

Discussion created by thebigr on Aug 13, 2010
I am trying to build a model that will eventually be selecting all points and lines within a given geographic area such as a county or city.  To get there I am first creating a Select by Attribute that will then go into the Select by Location.
My problem is in the Select by Attribute.  I have attached a document with screen dumps to help me explain this to everyone.
I have first identified the layer that I will be selecting the county from and then I have added a precondition connector with a value list of all the counties available for searching.  So far so go but when I execute the model the outcome is showing me that the value is not being assigned to the variable in the sql statement.  You can see this in the last screen dump.
If anyone could maybe point out what I am doing wrong I would greatly appriciate it.