ArcSDE on PostGres table prefixed with "i"

Discussion created by jeffreya on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by iwittenmyer-esristaff

I'm running ArcGIS server 9.3 and have installed the SDE component with PostGreSQL 8.3 and PostGIS 1.3. All is running well I can access my data through ArcGIS as a feature class and with other applications (qGIS, and Geoserver) as PostGIS tables. LOVE IT :D !!

I just have a question regarding some of the tables I see popping up in the PostGres database. Every time I create a feature class or add a table through ArcCatalog an accompanying table appears with a prefix of "i" then a number eg. "i39", also attached an image of the PgAdminIII view. These tables only have one record, what on earth do they do? When I create a PostGIS table with shape2Postgres tool I don't have these accompanying tables. So I assume its an SDE thing.

If anyone can shed some light on what they are and/or what they do that would be great!! This isn't a burning issue more curiosity.