Polygon Problem with circularArc Segment

Discussion created by olenowak on Jul 15, 2010
I need the coordinates from every segment of a polygon which is an exterior ring. All works fine with line segments, but when I reach a circularArc Segment, the From-Point and the End-Point, which I expect have to match their direct neighbours (line segments), these coordinates differ more then 100m.

In the Attachment I posted a picture

Segment S3 is the arc.
To-Point of Segment 2 has XY(1010/1000)
From-Point of Segment 0 (which follows segment 3) has XY(1000/1000)

From-Point of Segment 3 has ~xy(1230/998), thow expected xy(1010/1000)
To-Point of Segment 3 has ~xy(1220/998), thow expected xy(1000/1000)

This is the code (it comes from ESRI-Help) to get the segments:
IGeometryBag exterior_rings = polygon.ExteriorRingBag;
IEnumGeometry geom_exterior_rings = exterior_rings as IEnumGeometry;
IRing exterior_ring = geom_exterior_rings.Next() as IRing;
ISegmentCollection sgms_ext = exterior_ring as ISegmentCollection;

What can Ido, do get the right coordinates?