Problem tfw files - rotation about x & y

Discussion created by Kyle91 on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2010 by johns

I'm having problems openign georefenced tiff files that have been created using an add-in to AutoCAD. The data has come from elsewhere, so I don't have much knowledge of how it was created. When I attempt to load the tiff files they all load at the same location, i..e bottom left corner is the same, but they have different stretched sizes. When I look at the .tfw files, all the information is there, including the x rotation and y rotation. Looking at other examples of .tfw files they all have 0 & 0 for the rotations (2nd and 3rd line).

If I attempt to change these in the problem files to 0, the data at least loads in the right place, but is not rotated.

All very confusing. Is there any chance someone could have a look at the attached example files and ideally let me know of a work around.