Select feature set send table grid

Discussion created by esrijay on Jun 29, 2010
I need some help.:)

I have a basic app that has a simple TOC, which list the layers in the app and allows the users to zoom to a layer based on a drop down list.  I'm now trying to add some selecting capabilities. 

I can get the basic select sample working and I can send it to a datagrid but now I want to add this featureset to my toc and active drop down layer list and I???m not sure why I can???t.  

The wierd thing is to add the earthquake feature set to the TOC and dropdown list  it seems like all I need to do is declare the earthquake featureset variable but when I do my select doesn't work and my app doesn't load. 

If someone could take a look and let me know that would be awesome this has been killing me for weeks.

I've attached my code ??? is in a text file but in my app it is a javascript layout.js, which is doing most of the heavy lifting.